ICh. Cairo Biely demon


* 4.8.1999




Ch. Milkeyn Monarch at Lymrey


Ch. Meriem Biely demon

 International Champion

Champion Austria

Champion Slovakia

Champion Veteran Czech Republic

Champion Veteran Slovakia

CAC, Winner TR dog, Winner Special Show - Special Show Vinosady 8.9.2001.
Judge: Karin Bernardis, A.

CAC, Winner TR dog - Club Show Liberec 13.10.2001.
Judge: Gill Bakker, GB (NEVHILL).

CAC, Winner TR dog, Club Winner, BOB - Club Show Bratislava 20.4.2002.
Judge: Andreas Schemel (A).
CAC, Winner Special Show, BOB, BIS - Special  Show Kutna Hora 8.5.2003.
Judge: Veronica  Hull, GB (TELVARA):
"Very beautiful and so right for me- in size, shape and style, very well presented in shining condition,
fills the eye completely, excellent."
CAC, Winner TR dog - Spezial Show Bratislava 13.9.2003.
Judge: Ann Moffat, GB (Milkeyn).

CAC, Winner TR dog, Club Winner, BOB - Club Show Bratislava 1.5.2004.
Judge: Sandra Ireland Cooke, GB (CHARNEL):
"Very pretty head, nice lent of muzle, we prefer more neck, nice short body, lovely size, nice bone, 
well marked and rich tan, very pretty, good tail cout, moves well."

CAC, Winner TR dog, Club Winner, BOB, BIS - Club Show Jesenice 8.5.2004.
Judge: Marc Sedwick, GB (PASCAVALE):
"Nice size, very well marked tricolor, very pretty head, well set ears, eyes size good, vould like a bit darker,
nice tan, very short compact little dog, moved well, in good coat, well presented, happy disposicion."

CAC, Winner TR dog, Club Winner - Club Show Liberec 16.5.2004.
Judge: Bryan Claydon, GB (BRYMARDEN):
"Beautifuly marked tricolor, glamoroused head, lovely expression, well feathered ears,
good tan, short coupled, good top line, well balanced, moved and showed well."

CACA, Club Winner, BOB - Austria 2004 - 31.10.2004.
Judge: Heidi Kirschbichler, A.

Cairo - spring 2006 - 6 years.