Ch. Kiriss Tries Biely demon

Power Biely demon


Immenhof´s Roxette

* 8.5.2003

Champion Czech Republic
Champion Slovakia
Junior Champion Czech Republic
 Club Champion - Slovakia 
Club Champion - Czech Republic
CAJC, Best  junior bitch - Club Show Bratislava 1.5.2004. 
Judge: Mrs Sandra Ireland Cooke, GB (CHARNEL):
"Nice size, beautiful large eyes, very good nose pigment, nice head shape,
nice topline, good short body, she has a nice outline, moves well, has a good tail carriage."     
CAJC, Best junior bitch - Club Show Jesenice 8.5.2004.
Judge: Mrs Ellie Mordecai, GB (MILLHILL):  
"Very tipical head with correct expression, well marked,
moved well with maturity she has a bright future."

CAC, CACIB, BOB  - International Dog Show Brno 13.2.2005.
Judge: Mr Joakim Ohlsson, SW (HACKENSACK,):            
"Very feminine and pretty blenheim, soft gentle expression, excellent eye good ears,
well developed body, enough angulations, moves freely around the ring,
wery well marked excellent size, very pretty picture."

CAC, National Winner Czech Republic - National Dog Show Ostrava 20.3.2005.
Judge: Mrs Bela Sochorova, CZ.

CAC, Winner BH bitch, Club Winner - Club Show Bratislava 7.5.2005.
Judge: Mrs Jocelyn Inman Cunningham, GB (CHAMANIC):
"Extremely pretty little girl, with lovely soft and gentle expression dark eye,
good pigment, ideal size, good neck and shoulder, short coupled, good body,
good hind quarters, moved well both ways, very nice bitch."

V2, res.CAC - Club Show Kutna Hora 14.5.2005.
Judge: Mrs Pauline Sidgwick, GB  (PAULIAN):
"A real Toy Spaniel, I love her size and compactness of body.
She excels in head with the most soft gentle expression from her large dark round eyes,
framed by long full ears. 
Well broken markings cover her compact body moved and showed well."

CAC, CACIB - International Dog Show Brno 3.7.2005.
Judge: Mrs Bela Sochorova, CZ.

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show Bratislava 8.4.2006.
Judge: Mrs Diane Fry, GB (AMANTRA):
"Small compact bitch, good conformation, most lovely expresion, large eyes, 
dark pigment, giving a lovely picture, moved very well, excellent."

CAC, Winner BH bitch, Club Winner - Club Show Kutna Hora 26.8.2006.
Judge: Mrs Gill Bakker, GB (NEVHILL):
"Well broken blenheim, nice size, good teeth, pretty topline, good shoulder, compact body, 
correct bone for a size, very pretty moved really well with a lot of confidence, loved her head."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Special Show Kutna Hora 14.10.2006. 
Judge: Mrs Sheelagh Allerton, GB (DEERIEM):
"Very sweet headed bitch, lovely round dog, good shape of scull, very nice set of ears, 
she has good neck and shoulders, rounded ribcage, overall very nice little bitch, 
very elegant good mover."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show Kutna Hora 12.5.2007.
Judge: Mrs Anne Rennard, GB (DERANMAR):
"Very pretty, just size nice, lovely out line, very well made, 
extremely pretty head, good pigment, nice expression, very sweet, 
moved well, exactly what I look for, excellent."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show Bratislava 26.5.2007.
Judge: Mr Kevan Berry, GB (RICKSBURY):
"Perfect size, lovely bitch, beautiful head, really good dark eyes, 
faboulus neck and shoulder, lovely outline on the move, 
a really good bitch of top quality, excellent."

CAC, Winner BH bitch, Club Winner - Club Show Prag - Vinor 9.6.2007.
Judge: Mrs Shealagh Waters, GB (MAIBEE):
"Beautiful headed well marked BH, excellent ear set, large dark eyes,
sweet expression, very typy bitch, correct size and shape, moved well,
keeping good outline, would like more drive from rear, 
quality bitch in any country."

CAC, Winner BH bitch, Winner Special Show - Special Show Bratislava 13.10.2007.
Judge: Mr Joakim Ohlsson, SW (HACKENSACK):
"4 and half year old BH, so feminine in correct, prettiest of head, 
lovely round dark eyes, excellent ears, super body and angulations, 
excellent size, moves very well, excellent feminine picture, excellent."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Special Show Kutna Hora 20.10.2007.
Judge: Mr Gordon Inglis, GB (CRAIGOWL): 
"Perfect in size and balance with a most attractive head. So gertle in outlook.
Carries her self well: Rich coloured a well marked in excellent coat."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show Bratislava 27.4.2008.
Judge: Mr Brian Rix, GB (RICKSBURY):
"4 1/2 year old Blenheim. Beautiful breed type. Lovely head and expression.
Dark eyes, good pigment and correct mouth. Good neck and shoulders.
Kept a level top line on the move. Well angled hindquarters. 
In good condition. Excellent."

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show CKCHS Prag - Dolinek 15.6.2008.
Judge: Mrs Molly Coaker, GB (HOMERBRENT):
"Very attractive well marked blenheim, pretty good head, good dark eyes, lovely expression, 
pigment good enough, in great coat and featherings, moved well enough, very smart,
lovely overal picture."

CAC, Winner BH bitch  - Spezial Show CKCHS Bratislava - Dubova 13.9.2008.
Judge: Mr Per C. Knudsen, Dánsko (Longbody´s)

CAC, Winner BH bitch - Club Show CKCHS - Prag (Jesenice) 20.9.2008.
Judge: Mr Joakim Ohlsson, SW (HACKENSACK):
"5 years BH, very sweet gentle expression, lovely dark round eyes, excellent ears, well cushioned, 
excellent forechest, well matured body, well angulated, moves well, excellent size, well broken, 
shown in good coat condition. 

CAC, Winner BH bitch, Club Winner - Club Show CKCHS Kutna Hora 12.10.2008.
Judge: Mrs Lorraine Hughes and Mrs Joyce Barton, UK (LORANKA): 
"5,5 years old, fabulous blen bitch, just a type I like, good head and eyes, 
lovely expression, lovely long ears, good neck and shoulders, level topline, 
good front and rear, moved and showed well, lovely coat."
Kiriss (4 years) - June 2007.
Kiriss Tries - Club Show Jesenice 8.5.2004 - 1 year.

Kiriss Tries - one year.

Kiriss - 4 months.

Kiriss - 2 years.

Kiriss - August 2006 - 3 years.