Creme Vanilla Caressema

" Nellie "

JCh. Pascavale Tyler


Ch. Kiriss Tries Biely demon


* 6.10.2005

                           CAJC, Best Junior Bitch, Best Junior - Special Show Bratislava 7.10.2006.
                     Judge: KARIN BERNARDIS, AT
                                                         CAJC - Club Show Kutna Hora 14.10.2006.
                                                        Judge: Sheelagh Allerton, GB (DEERIEM):
                               "Very good rich tan, good fore front, good neck and shoulders and level top line, 
                                  good turn of stifle, good tan set, she is very elegant mover, overall nice bitch."

                                                            CAC - Club Shov Bratislava 26.5.2007.
                                                           Judge: Kevan Berry, GB (RICKSBURY):
                                "Well presented bitch, full of type and quality, lovely, head, kindest of dark eyes, 
                                           nice neck and shoulders, good look on the move, excellent."
Nellie - February 2008.


Nellie - January 2007 - 15 months.
Nellie - 5 months.


Nellie - 7 months.


JCh. Pascavale Tyler
Ch. Kiris Tries Biely demon